Michael was a four year goalkeeper at Braodneck High School in Annapolis, MD. and played travel soccer for Coach Ron with ASA United. After high school, Michael was a goalkeeper for Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and playing experience to the Academy.





Welcome to United Goalkeeper's first annual goalkeeper camp! We offer soccer training and guidance to your young men and women of all ages.

With Coach Ron and Coach Ryan, your son or daughter will receive some of the best goalkeeping advice and training on the East Coast. Our current and former goalkeepers that now play on premier, region 1 and Y-league soccer teams, are proof that our training is among the best!

Goalkeeper Gloves NOW AVAILABLE!!

Limited quantities available in size 7, 8, 9 and 10. Regular cut or finger-save. Call 301-919-3946 or email ron@unitedgoalkeeper.com for more information or CLICK HERE to order your gloves TODAY!

Ryan santos

Learning from his father, Ryan has become a top player and excellent coach. Ryan brings his no nonsense approach that made him a top player,  into every training session that he runs. Coach Ryan helps to keep the Santos tradition of developing top soccer goalies in the Maryland and Colorado area.

Complete Goalkeeper Training and Coaching                      301-919-3946


United Goalkeeper is proud to announce that our very own Ariel Wise will be continuing her Goalkeeping career in college. Ariel signed to attend and play for Catholic University in Washington DC. Ariel completed her High School career playing four years at St Vincent Pallotti High School in Laurel, MD. Coach Ron and Coach Skyler had the honor of attending her signing.

No Training

Wednesday May 18, 2022



We will return to our regular

training schedule on

​Monday, May 23, 2022

Our coaches


"OPEN"training sessions are available to ALL goalkeepers regardless of age or skill level

Collin Santos

Another top Santos player and coach in Maryland, Collin Santos has developed himself into a top quality personal trainer. Coach Collin combines his knowledge and love of soccer with his passion for fitness to help develop strong and fit goalkeepers.


When: June 18 @ 1:00PM

Where: Davidsonville Park

​             3042 Patuxent River Road

             Davidsonville, MD 21035

Who: Goalkeepers of all ages and skill are welcome to participate in this competitive event. Registration is FREE!!!


  • Playing field will be 25 yards long with a midfield line. There will be cones that mark the midfield of the pitch that will extend to the sidelines/out of bounds area.
  • Goalkeepers cannot cross midfield
  • Game time is 1 minute
  • Goalkeepers have 5 seconds to shoot the ball anyway they would like (kick, punt, throw, etc). After 5 seconds, if a shot is not made, it will be the opposing keepers ball.
  • Any shot that does not score or go out of bounds is "live" at the discretion of the referee.
  •  Any goalkeeper not involved in a match MUST assist in retrieving balls that missed the goal.

Winners:​ The winner of the adult games will receive $100 and 1st place trophy. The winner of the kids games will receive a 1st place trophy as well!

ron Santos
Over 30 years of experience in training goalkeepers in the Baltimore area and other surrounding Maryland counties. Coach Ron has many National coaching licenses/certifications that he uses to develop top teams and goalies.

"I have used them for about a week now and have used them in the rain and snow.  I think they are great gloves.  I love the red and yellow Maryland colors.  It would be cool instead of white you did black but that's just something I like.  I do like the cut and no finger savers.  I would offer a couple pairs with finger savers to those who like them... the grip is solid.  The gloves can take a beating from the guys hitting 60-70 mph shots and they have not even started to tear or rip yet.  Usually if I wear  a pair for a straight week they just fall apart.  So thank you for letting me test them and I'd be willing to try more.  They are a quality glove.  I go through a lot and they hold their end."

Nick DeShong


Saint Joseph's University

Learn how to dive:

Goalkeeper Skyler demonstrating the proper technique for diving. Watch how he loads his front foot to give him the power and distance needed to reach the ball.

​Michael Zierhoffer

Goalie Warriors


Every Monday and Wednesday

(Except Holidays)

Youth/Beginners 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM

Advanced 7:45 PM to 8:30 PM

Monday and Wednesday

Night Training

Davidsonville Park 
3042 Patuxent River Road
Davidsonville, MD 21035

United Goalkeeper Academy